Before the shoot

Once a date is set, we will discuss with you the style of photo you are looking for. For most business professionals it is important to find a balance between a ‘corporate’ look and an open, friendly, warm and approachable personality. If we are shooting a headshot for personal use, such as a dating website or a club picture, you will be looking for a more relaxed portrait


The first rule is to _MG_3778wear an outfit you feel comfortable in. Your clothes should reflect the image you wish to portray and enhance, rather than dominate, the photograph.

For men wearing a suit, we advise you bring a couple of differently coloured or white shirts and selection of ties. It is best to avoid fine stripes or small checks.

Women should steer away from heavily patterned or busy dresses and blouses as they detract from the face. We suggest you bring a jacket for more formal shots.

For people who wear a uniform or branded clothing for work, we will make sure any logos are clearly visible reinforcing your business message.

For personal headshots, you may wear casual clothes and it may be appropriate to wear a sweater or cardigan. If you are unsure about what will look best, please bring along a variety of items and we will guide you.


We advise men to have a haircut several days before the photo-shoot in order to avoid that ‘just cut’ look. Women may consider having their hair styled immediately before the session.


It is recommended that women should bring their make-up to the session so that it can be reapplied if necessary. We have powder in our kit if required.

Whether the photo-shoot is inside or outside, we will spend some time setting up the equipment in order to create the best light for taking the photos.


The shoot

During the shoot all you need to do is to remain relaxed and be guided through the process. In order to get the best photos we will move the lights around creating the right mood and backdrop. We will ask you to adjust your position until we have the perfectly lit photos which you will be proud to display on and offline.

There is no need to be concerned, nervous or camera shy – we have taken thousands of photos! During the session there will be time to touch up your make-up and re-do hair so the final images are just right.


After the shoot

Once we have created a selection of photos you are happy with, any final adjustments will be made to the images. You will want to have natural looking photos on your website, profiles and marketing materials rather than unrepresentative, highly edited images. So we will just remove unwanted blemishes and reduce a few lines and wrinkles here and there without creating a mismatch between the ‘real’ you and your headshot. It is important to allow your character to shine through – after all, you do not want to look completely different from your photograph when you meet someone face-to-face.

The final portfolio of headshots will be available on a USB memory stick and uploaded to cloud storage in the correct file types and at sizes to suit all purposes (link to uses). This means that you will be able to use your photos straight away. If you need help uploading your images to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, please let us know and we will guide you through the process.

In addition, if your website designer or graphic designer requires access to files in a different size or format we are only too happy to speak to them or they can contact us by email (link to email address)

There are so many ways a portrait photo can be used. We have put together a list of applications on the following pages. Some of our suggestions are for using photos purely online, such as on social media sites. There will be occasions when your headshot will be required in print; for example on a business card and finally, there are some media which span both, such as on a newsletter or brochure.

Using headshots online

Using headshots in print

Using headshots online and in print

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