Headshot photos online

There are so many opportunities for using your portrait photographs online. Perfect Light Photography will provide you with your headshots sized correctly for the internet. We will ensure that your photos will be formatted so that they load quickly without compromising on quality.

Headshots for your website

Almost every website has an ‘About Us’, ‘Our People’, ‘Directors’, or ‘Management Team’ page and this is the perfect place to include up to date photos of the people in the company, bringing this page to life. Your customers and clients will appreciate  knowing the faces behind the names before meeting you or a member of your team. Images put the people in your company in context, helping to build relationships and rapport.

Photographs are a useful reminder of the people you may have met at conferences, networking events or trade shows. They help people match faces to names.

Headshots for a website banner

So many businesses are run by an individual – consultants, coaches, authors, speakers, painters, plumbers, florists, dog-walkers…. The list is endless. A personal relationship between the business owner and their customers or clients is    paramount to its success. Using a headshot at the top of each page of a website in the header or banner is a good marketing practice.

Social media profile photos

With the increasing use of social media for marketing purposes, businesses need to ensure that their employees are portraying the company in the best possible light. Studies show that people connect on social media with members who have a photo rather than the default ‘egg’ or ‘silhouette’. Just take a look at a sample of LinkedIn profiles and see which people stand out from the crowd.

Business portraits for your email signature

We would recommend including a photograph in your email signature if you are in a marketing, business development, public relations or sales role. Frequently, these roles involve emailing potential customers who they have never met. They are jobs   where building a relationship with people is crucial.

Other professions where including a headshot in an email signature include public speakers, coaches, tutors, group leaders, and authors where the photo should be a window on your personality.

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