Directional lighting provides contrast, creating a dramatic feel and giving this headshot a strong look
The background of a photo enhances the portrait and touches of colour bring the headshot to life
Black and white is a striking choice for a photo with a natural facial expression giving an alluring result
More than just head and shoulders for an informal business portrait
Warm, earthy background colour complements the skin tone perfectly
A strong, confident pose and stylish suit and tie for a formal business headshot

Perfect Light Photography is a professional headshot and portrait company, photographing individuals and teams for business and personal use. We shoot photographs in your office or workplace at a time to suit you.

The photographs are ready for use online or in print in the correct format. Perfect headshot photos as easy as 1, 2, 3.


In a world dominated by images on the internet, on television and in print, photographs have become part of our daily lives. We hold images in our minds when we think about successful business people and major brands. Professionally taken, up-to-date photos will present you and your business to best effect.

You only have one chance to make the right first impression. Does a quick snap on a smartphone or an old holiday photo represent your brand and your personality? If a new customer or client is searching online for your services, they may choose to buy from the company with the website with photos of the people they will be dealing with, rather than the one with amateur photos or none at all.

In addition, people need a great photo in their personal lives for use on dating sites and for their clubs and societies.

Many people think they are not photogenic. Don’t worry. We have photographed hundreds of people who feel the same way. But everyone can have a superb headshot. Our shoots are relaxed and enjoyable – we put you at your ease ensuring we get great results. We will give you advice on what to wear, how to style your hair and make-up, and the best pose.

And your professional headshots can be used in so many ways both online and in print. We provide you with images at the right size and in the correct format for all media.


Choose Perfect Light Photography for a professional solution to your business and personal portrait photos.

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